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GUO Logisitcs formerly known as Fakthong Transport Phuket is one of the oldest transportation companies in Phuket that has spanned four generations. When the company began business in 1921 under the name Fakthongphol District (first generation), the island's infrastructure was very different to what it is today. There was no Sarasin Bridge connecting Phuket to the mainland and there were no motor vehicles to move goods around. Transportation in those days involved plenty of manpower by workers called Loh Ah Tao and simple wagons. Tongkah, which is now Phuket town, was a busy port receiving shipped goods from Penang, Malaysia this is evident from the Sino-Portuguese architecture that can still be found today in the Old Town. The main role of the Loh Ah Tao was to move all kinds of goods from the ships to the stores.

There were just three groups of people in the transportation business during this era called Group 11, Group 8 and Group 3 who together formed Bang-Niew Transportation Limited Partnership. Group 3 was Fakthongphol District (first generation) located at 218/1 Phuket Road, Amphur Muang, Phuket. The company operated successfully until the owner passed away in 1968 and the business closed. As the years went by the transportation methods developed from wagons to steam cars followed by petrol and diesel four-wheeled and six-wheeled vehicles. It was around this time that Fakthongphol Co., Ltd. (second generation) was established, and made a mark on the industry by introducing 10-wheel vehicles and trailers as well as other labour saving devices. Eventually Group 11 and Group 8, the other two original transport companies in Phuket dissolved, while Fakthongphol Co., Ltd (second generation) continued to expand. In 1986 the Phuket Lumliang Transport Co., Ltd. was established to handle increasing assignments to Bangkok and was located at the Bypass intersection, 54 Moo 2, Tambon Koh Kaew, Muang Thepkrasattri, Phuket.

A series of unfortunate events including a major accidental explosion in Thung Maphrao, Phang Nga in 1991 and the economic crisis in 1997 caused the company to again go out of business. However in 1999 Fakthong Transport Phuket Co., Ltd. (third generation) was founded at 115 Moo 5, Tarou – Pa Klok Road, T. Srisoonthorn, A. Thalang, to take on the islands growing demand for logistics services. Today the forth generation GUO Logistics offers transportation services for all products across the Kingdom with a fleet of six-wheelers, 10-wheelers, trailers and semi trailers. The company also rents mobile cranes, containers, forklifts and warehouse space to clients.

GUO Logistics

The name GUO Logistics was established in 2017 by the fourth generation of the Fakthong Transport company family, who has operated a logistic company in Phuket since 1921. The company was established at a time when people in Phuket Island were mostly Chinese migrants from Hokkien Province in China. The last names of the Chinese migrants were their clan names, and GUO is the clan name of people whose ancestors used to carry the handcart from the pier to town to make a living, and in those days local people called them as ‘Lor Ar Thao’.

Since the 10 ASEAN nations agreed in 2015 to use English as the central language, the company needed to change it’s English logo to ‘GUO Logistics’, which came from their original clan name GUO. Locally the company will still be known under its Thai name Fakthong Transport Co., Ltd.