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Phuket's oldest transportation company since 1921

Welcome to GUO Logistics, formerly known as Fakthong Transport Phuket your reliable, professional logistics partner delivering goods on time and in top condition anywhere in Thailand. We are Phuket's oldest transportation company since 1921 and pride ourselves on offering a competitive, high quality service in all areas of our business.

Our large fleet of six wheel and 10 wheel trucks, semi-trailers and trailers provide a cost-effective solution to transporting a wide variety of goods overland. To complete our distribution and storage solutions we have mobile cranes, containers, forklift trucks and can rent 3,000sqm warehouse units to meet your growing business needs.

Why GUO Logistics?

The name GUO Logistics was introduced in 2017 by the fourth generation of the Fakthong Transport company family who has operated a logistics company in Phuket since 1921. The reason for the name change is to comply with the 2015 agreement between the 10 ASEAN nations to use English as the central language. To comply Fakthong Transport has established a new brand name and English logo ‘GUO Logistics’.

However the name GUO is not selected randomly, GUO has great meaning in the history of transport in Phuket. In the early 1920’s Chinese migrants settled in Phuket from Hokkien Province. GUO was the clan name of the Chinese migrants who used to make a living from carrying handcarts from the pier to town. During this time, the locals called the GUO clan ‘Lor Ar Thao’. It is the heirs of the Chinese migrants who continued with this business and later developed their operations to use trucks and lorries and were the original founders of Fakthong Transport.